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You may find some words about this homepage and how to use the not translated pages at the bottom!

In Ferbruary 2012 he finally arrived: Kloshe's BC Frosty!

He is a really loving and cuddly boy, careful, tender and also playful - and very good socialized. That is the main reason why he is progressing fast to make friends with my other cats. It is not easy for a boy of two and a half years to fly over to Germany and integrate into another cattery. I love him a lot, although he arrived just one week ago. He is - as usually all the studs I get from the USA - red-lynx-point and I love his little lynx tips and his thick very curly coat. And his really almond shaped blue eyes (bedroom-glance). I hope, he will stay at my home for the rest of his life, and I will try to keep him whole as long as it is possible for him, my other cats and me.

My Plans for the LaPerm breeding:

I'm awaiting 3 litters (mainly longhair) around Easter 2015. I myself will have first pick, as I want to keep 2 girls from these litters. Another kitten will probably go to a swedish breeder, but for the rest: I'm ready for requests :-)

Concerning the Somalis....

I have quit Somali breeding and will have no more litter of this breed untill I have won the lottery or something like that.... I had my Bonnie (Smeralda's Hungry Heart) as a stud for some time, but it was no good for him, my other cats and me, so he was neutered in Jan. 09. So, now I'm completely done with breeding Somalis!


Some words about this homepage and how to use it...

This homepage is online since 1997 and constantly growing that meanwhile I have written far too much to translate all the pages to english. But german is not the world wide language, I know that. So I have decided to have at least one page in english, showing what cats I have available, my plans for the nearer future and if I offer stud service. That way breeders and fanciers of Somalis and LaPerms are informed what I'm doing and if there is something interesting for them.

To contact me, I have a contact-form, which is easy to use, the instructions are in german and english. If you don't dare to do that, or think you have made a mistake, you may also write an email (the headline should contain the word Somali or LaPerm) or call me (++49-40-18041424). I speak and write english well and can understand a little written french too. I also know people that can translate messages in dutch and swedish/norwegian, maybe also danish and finnish.

I will link you from this site to some of my german pages, so you can at least have a look at the pictures there. Usually all pictures are more or less thumbnails, but you simply can click them to enlarge (the pictures open in a new window, so you close that window to go back to where you were). From a linked page you best go backwards with the back-button of your browser. Most links are in the text, some are at the bottom of the page - anyway you can find them easily, as they are blue (or pink, if you already have used them) and underlined. To help you understand the german pages (at least the links and captions) a little, here are some words translated for you:

Pedigree = Stammbaum

Litter = Wurf

(more, all) pictures = (weitere, alle) Bilder

weeks = Wochen

months = Monate

years = Jahre

close window = Fenster (wieder) schließen

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